Finding an Atlanta DUI attorney who is a specialist is one of the most important

decisions you can make when faced with defending a DUI. Make the smart choice,

do your homework, and make sure the legal representation you are seeking is

experienced, and knows how to get you off, with a minimum of disruption to your

life, job and freedom.

If you, or a loved one, have been charged with a DUI, your #1 priority is to find an

attorney and to find one quickly.  Why?  Because there are deadlines to meet &

numerous issues to address as soon as you are released from jail.  If you plead guilty

to a DUI, it will affect your job, your record, your rights and your wallet.

At SFS | LAW, our goal is to provide clients with the most effective legal resources and guidance needed to obtain successful results for a DUI charge. Sturla Stefansson understands how complex and confusing DUI cases can be and he is prepared to aggressively defend your rights and your future. Time is critical!   It is vital that you immediately seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney to ensure proper representation at any Hearings and development of a strong strategic defense for your individual DUI case.  Contact Sturla F. Stefansson today for the best chance at maintaining your driving privileges and your freedom in Georgia.


Theft is the unlawful taking of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the owner of the property permanently. Theft may be charged as a misdemeanor or felony, both having serious consequences, including jail, prison, fines and restitution to the victim. The consequences of any type of theft charges could be very serious. Most theft offenses are also considered crimes of moral turpitude and can have a significant effect on immigrants who have not naturalized.

A conviction on drug possession or drug trafficking charges could result in heavy

fines and a lengthy prison sentence. In addition, a conviction can leave you with

a criminal record that can haunt you for the rest of your life. When faced with these

dire consequences, it is extremely important to consider hiring an experienced criminal

defense lawyer to protect your rights, freedom and future.  If you have been charged

with drug possession — or other drug crimes such as selling drugs, — please contact

Sturla F. Stefansson ASAP.  He has represented many clients charged with the possession

and/or sale of narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crack, prescription drugs 

and other illegal substances. 


ASSAULT & BATTERY are two separate offenses! 

Assault –  an attempt/threat of violence or injury on another with the apparent ability to carry it out.
Battery –  actual hitting, striking or touching of another person against their will.
Assault and Battery – if you threatened someone with a baseball bat and then struck them with it, you may face assault and battery charges.

Your assault and battery charges may have come from:

  • Protecting yourself or others;
  • Falsely accused;
  • Misidentified in a police lineup; &
  • “Victim” of revenge or jealousy.

There are many factors that come into play when dealing with an Assault/Battery charges.   If you are currently dealing with a FVB or battery charge, contact Sturla F. Stefansson today.


Navigating the court system as a defendant in a criminal matter is both intimidating & frightening.   Worse yet, it creates a stressful, nerve-wracking, and high anxiety environment for you and your loved ones.  ​  You may be wondering what will happen to me?  Will I lose my license?  Will my license be suspended?  Will this affect my job?  Will a traffic ticket affect my credit rating. These are all the questions that will be answered for you.  SFS | LAW specializes in CDL citations, accident cases, and Drug/DUI matters in metro Atlanta.   


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